Catch the fraud,
the smart way

Behavioral anti-fraud system
based on AI & machine learning

What is Banksealer

Banksealer, in collaboration with Politecnico di Milano, has developed artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms that allow to identify fraudulent activities. These algorithms can be applied in various contexts, from home banking payments and access to warehouse handling.

Banksealer offers anti-fraud solutions, both on-premise and cloud . It can be easly integrated with existing systems in order to get data to analyze.

How it works



Anti-fraud solution integrated with the main ERPs. Analyze the passive and active cycle of your company to block wire transfers hijacking and warehouse fraud.


Transaction Risk Analysis (TRA) PSD2 compliant. It allows you to calculate millions of transactions per day in real time with low infrastructure requirements.

Key innovation points



The collaboration with Politecnico di Milano has led to the development of algorithms that minimize false positives, reducing the effort required by fraud analysis.



Unlike most artificial intelligence anti-fraud products, which only give a positive or negative answer, Banksealer is designed to motivate each report clearly and in detail.



Banksealer can be easily integrated with existing systems. Many integrations with commonly used systems are already available. Despite using complex algorithms, Banksealer has no particular infrastructure requirements and can be easily integrated into business processes.



Banksealer's algorithms are designed to work on various types of operations such as transactions, logins and goods movements. The algorithms can be easily tuned in order to maximize their effectiveness in all use cases.

"We had to find solutions fast as our business and that made us safe without blocking our processes"

Michele Mariella - Maire Tecnimont
SMAU 2019


Thanks to our strong partnership with Secure Network and Buildo, we are able to provide first-class service to our customers in terms of performance and support.

Security Award

Finalist IT Security
and Governance

Digital 360 award

Winner Category Banking

Fintech Light House award

Selected by CeTIF
Fintech LightHouse 2017

Fintech award


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